Saturday, 29 September 2012

And we're off!

Here we go!

Our first steps around the world are put onto earth. Wednesday we started our project that will last for 248 days...

Kick off:

One of the nice things of living in a city like Diyarbakır is, you never know when the electricity decides to cooperate or not. And on Wednesday morning it decided to take a rest for a couple of hours...

All materials tested and ready to use. But computers, sound systems, photo copy machines, lights,... don't work without the magic of electricity.

Then we got lucky and the electricity started working again. We kicked off the day, a little later as planned, but with as much enthusiasm.

The teacher told the children a little about Europe and it's languages. The children knew already quite a lot of languages spoken in Europe. They didn't even forget their own languages. But when we asked them how many languages are spoken all over the world, they came up with answers as 1, 4, 100, ... 

After the information we told the children we were going to teach them a song in Japanese. And of course they were very enthusiastic to learn this song. We put on the music and danced and sang together on the song.

After this we told something about flags in Europe. As an example all European flags were hung in the hallway. The children got their own paper flag, and coloured it. The result was beautiful.

We did a lot of things on the European Day of Languages. The children and teachers really enjoyed it.

The founder of the school heard about our project 'Around the World in 248 Days' and decided to come and take a look to what we've been doing. The children demonstrated the dance they learnt and showed  him the posters and flags they made. (The children are secretly singing the song all day long in the hallway and the classroom).

The next step in the project will be the start of the 'World Citizen Ship lessons' and the 'Language Club' lessons. We're looking forward to these lessons cause the children showed already much interest.

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